Hong Kong Company Registration Fee Schedule

New Limited Company Registration – Fee Schedule

Services and documents provided Plan A Plan B Plan C Plan D
Decide your preferred company name(s)
Documents preparation
E-Certificate of Incorporation (Phase 2 of Unique Business Identifier on relevant companies and entities, Business Registration Number will be adopted as the “No.” on the “Certificate of Incorporation” with effect from 27 December 2023)
E-Business Registration Certificate
Memorandum and Articles of Association(M&A) 8 sets 8 sets 8 sets 8 sets
Prepare company incorporation documents for opening bank account (Note 5) Free 1 set Free 1 set Free 1 set Free 1 set
Initial audit and tax return filing consultation with our qualified accountant after your company incorporated one year Free Free Free Free
Prepare your company’s first Significant Controllers Register Free Free Free Free
Green Box 
Statutory Records
Share certificates
A common seal
A company signature chop
A company chop
Company secretarial services (Note 1) N/A 1 year N/A 1 year 
Services of Designated representative & Keeping of Significant Controllers Register (Note 2)  N/A 1 year 1 year 1 year 
Registered Office address (for Government, Bank, and all Company Letters)   (Note 3) N/A N/A 1 year 1 year 
Services fee (HONG KONG RESIDENTS SPECIAL OFFER)(NO hidden fees) HK$2,888HK$1,468 HK$7,388HK$2,338 HK$5,888HK$2,418 HK$10,388HK$3,288 
Government fees (HKD3,920) :(1) Certificate of incorporation (2) Business Registration Certificate Fee and Levy

(3) Annual return filing to Companies Registry (Note 4)













Total cost HK$6,808HK$5,388 HK$11,308HK$6,258 HK$9,808HK$6,338 HK$14,308HK$7,208

Note 1 – Company Secretarial Services Package

(Service charges HKD3,000/per year)

(Discount Company Secretarial Package Service charges up to HKD999 / per year (Only Hong Kong Residents Special Offer) and Government fee HKD105 / per year)

    1. Profit Accounting acting as Company Secretary for your company until the anniversary date of your company.
    2. We will prepare and file the Annual Returns to Companies Registry.
    3. We will provide advisory service of the company’s secretarial matters for your company.
    4. We charge separately on all other services that we have to carry out in the capacity of your company secretary.

Note 2- Designated Representative service and Significant Controllers Register (“SCR”) service (Service charges HKD1,500/per year)

From 1 March 2018, a Hong Kong incorporated company must designate one person as its representative to provide assistance relating to the company’s Significant Controllers Register to a law enforcement officer. Also, a Hong Kong incorporated company must keep its SCR at the company’s registered office or a place in Hong Kong, and allowing inspection by the law enforcement officer.

Failure to comply with the SCR obligations or made a false statement is a criminal offence. For our extraction notes of the SCR compliance, please click here. For details of the SCR compliance, please refer to External Circular and Publications of the Hong Kong Companies Registry.

Our services of designated representative and Significant Controllers Register (“SCR”) includes,

    1. Profit Accounting acting as Designated Representative for your company until the anniversary date of your company.
    2. We will keep your company’s Significant Controllers Register (“SCR”) at our office until the anniversary date of your company.
    3. We will answer enquiry and inspection by the law enforcement officer of Hong Kong.

Note 3 – Registered Office address package HKD3,000

(Discount Virtual Office Package Service charges up to HKD950 /per year and the Postage with the envelope Deposit $300 )

    1. Use our office at Kwun Tong as the registered office for your company.
    2. Use our address as correspondence address (for all government departments, banks and all your company letters) for your company.
    3. We will notify you by email if we receive letters/packages of your company.
    4. You may collect your mail by visiting our office or by SF delivery to your specified address upon request (extra postage cost will be charged separately).

Note 4 – HK$105 annual return filing fee.

    1. Late submission of the annual filling will still incur government charges.

Note 5 – Open business bank accounts (Trading only)

The referral fee for opening a bank account in Hong Kong starts from HK$2,000. The mainland witness can be arranged to sign the account in person in China. Location of mainland branches: Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Shanghai, Xiamen, Shaoxing, Chongqing, Suzhou, Tianjin, Chengdu, Foshan, etc.

Services and documents provided Sole Proprietorship Partnership
Business Registration Certificate (BR fee $2,200/per year)
Company chop
Documents preparation
Service fee (HONG KONG RESIDENTS SPECIAL OFFER)(without other hidden fees) HK$3,600HK$3,038 HK$3,780HK$3,218

BVI Company Registration – fee schedule

BVI company registration Shelf BVI COmpany New BVI COmpany
English company Name (HONG KONG RESIDENTS SPECIAL OFFER) HK$14,800HK$13,168 HK$14,800HK$13,168
English and Chinese company Name (HONG KONG RESIDENTS SPECIAL OFFER) HK$15,800HK$14,168 HK$15,800HK$14,168


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