Company Secretary Service

As a company secretary, not only will Bruin take care of all your extensive filling works, but our customer representatives can always provide professional suggestions to aid your business.

Besides routine businesses, operational problems can easily incur unexpectedly. However, most SMEs may not have sufficient resources and human power to address these issues. Thus, you, even as the boss, may need to lots of time to solve the problem and miss out some expansion opportunities. Bruin has the vision to change the game. We can provide accounting, auditing, tax consultation and other services to meet your diversified development needs while being your company secretary. With us, you can focus on your growth plan and attain a higher success chance!

Our Services Include:

    • Hong Kong Corporate Secretarial Service
    • Bank Account Opening Service
    • Working Visa (Service Charges from HK$8,000, excluding Government fees, courier and printing fee)
    • Hong Kong Trademark/Patent Application (from HK$2,000 excluding Government fees)
    • Agent Services
    • Change of Company Shareholdings and Directors (from HK$4,000 excluding Government fees, courier and printing fee)
    • Company deregistration (from HK$4,000, excluding accounting, audit, tax return and government fees)
Hong Kong Company Secretary Service
(All registration fees not included)
Act as company secretary until the next anniversary of its incorporation
Designated Representative service and Significant Controllers Register (“SCR”) service
Prepare and submit Annual Return (NAR1) for the year
Exclude the Annual Return fee HK$105
This service is required for a company without any Hong Kong Resident as its shareholder.
Annual Returns Submission Service
(All registration fees not included)
Prepare and submit Annual Returns (NAR1) on time
Exclude the Annual Return fee HK$105

Bruin Consultancy Limited (Bruin) understands any firms must face crises in any stages of their development, but these sudden changes imply both opportunities and threats. The professional team from Bruin are always here to cope with your technical problems induced by these crises so that you may focus on the opportunities arise and move on to a higher level.


Change of a Limited Company Name

(Gov. fee HKD$295 included)


Change of an Unlimited Company Name



Duplicates of valid BRC or CR documents or Renew BR

(Excluded Gov. fees)

HK$20/per record

Change of Business


/ Trade Name


Certified True Copy

HK$200 up/ per page


Change of Registered Address
of Company / Branch



Change of
Director / Company Secretary or Director / Company Secretary’s information



Share Transfer


(Not include bank charges, Stamp duty fee, Government charges and courier expenses)


Director / Company Secretary Resignation



De-registration of Unlimited Company


Bank Account Opening

Starts from HK$1,000


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